Sunday, June 21, 2009

Not Just Tigers and Kid Rock

Today I want to give some props to the Motor City for churning out some really tasty potato chips. I was thumbing through my July issue of Country Living magazine when the spread Potato Chip Nation caught my eye. The magazine chose 31 favorites, and Better Made Special Potato Chips made the cut. We try to do our part by purchasing locally grown and produced products, so naturally I was happy that my snack habit is supporting Michigan's economy. Better Made has been a Detroit business for over 70 years. They source the majority of their potatoes from Michigan and really have an outstanding chip at a very reasonable price. I can't get enough of the Salt and Vinegar, but the Sour Cream & Onion comes in a close second. Better Made doesn't stop at chips, however, as they stock everything from pretzels to beef jerky. So, if you live in Michigan do your part and buy some Better Made Potato Chips for your next backyard BBQ, and if you don't, check out the article in Country Living and buy local!


  1. You have always enjoyed salt & vinegar chips and now you can support good ole' Michigan in the process. With Michigan's poor economy anything we can do to help will pay off in the long run! did read the article in Country Living and what a nice "plug" for our state! Enjoy those chips with thoughts of all things Michigan.

  2. I can definitely get behind a girl who loves chips. I'm not in Michigan, but I will ship a good chip (rhyme unintentional but still sorta funny).

  3. Mmmmm - not much can beat a good salt & vinegar chip!! I've never had this kind, but very cool that they're made in Michigan. Were you able to get them when you lived up here?