Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Crustless Quiche

Yes, Matt is on WW, and yes we did have a Crustless Goat Cheese Quiche for dinner. I loosely used a recipe for Quiche found at the blog Good Things Catered. I say loosely because we did not use the crust, the olive oil, or the thyme. Rather, we used parsley and chives because we had them on hand. We also substituted turkey sausage as it was on sale this week. It turns out that the quiche served 8, but wound up only being 5 points per serving. Not bad when you pair it with a baby green salad and fruit. This is definately a keeper recipe!

In other news, I finished the aforemention chair covers and started on the curtains for the sewing room and dining room. I am using burlap for them and I am really loving the rustic look. Now if I could just get my act together and knit, I would be in business!


  1. Isn't a crust-less quiche called a fritta?

  2. Frittata? Fritatta? Fritter? I like Frito pie!

  3. The quiche looks yummy, do you share your recipes?