Tuesday, February 17, 2009

New Projects

Lots of things have been going on since my last post. Leah the adultress got booted from Top Chef, and we are nearing the end of another season. I am happy to see who is left, but I hope Carla is not the dark horse she thinks she is.
Matt and I went to GR this weekend to meet Cha and Bro, and I suggest if you are in the near vacinity of a Texas Roadhouse, steer (no pun intended) clear. Maybe we caught them on a bad night, but the food was salty, the waitress was full of silly remarks, and the staff (much to my dismay) did a line dance way too close to our booth.
When we got back we decided to go to Allen to check out the antique outlets and we were pleasantly surprised. Picked up a few goodies for the guest room and a trip back is in our future.
The last few days I have worked on updating the guest room by making a new headboard and pillow covers, sewing curtains for the dining room, and sewing valances for the kitchen window.

We also managed to have a tasty dinner last night. We put a rub on some pork tenderloin fillets and I whipped up a mango salsa for the top. Pair that with some pan fried, herbed potatoes, and we had a fresh meal to cap off the sunny day.

Well, I suppose I better get busy reading...I have a deadline to keep up with!!
**More on that in another post:)

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  1. The guest room looks inviting, especially for the up-north folks!!! Love the kitchen valance and the mango salsa is a reminder that I should whip up a batch!