Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fear Not!!

*Former Nemesis*

Although I have done lots of cooking and baking over the years, I have always had a fear of yeast. My good friend Clay Bertrand scoffs at this notion and has encouraged me to suck it up and try, so here's to you Clay!
After a little searching, I found a recipe that seemed to be fool-proof and since I was planning on making BLT's, this was as good a time as any to give it a whirl. The dough came together nicely and as promised it was a rather quick process, aside from the rising time. We were so happy with the taste that I am sure we will be making this again and again. It was slightly sweet and I believe it will make a fine piece of toast come morning. So, the morale of this story is: stop being a sucker and make some bread!


  1. Try adding an extre tablespoon of flour, you may be amazed the differance it makes.
    The Answerman

  2. This answerman fellow seems to critique all cooking issues, I wonder how his crafting skills are (knitting, sewing).

    I can almost smell the bread and I don't think I have ever used homemade bread for blt's...good idea! The loaves are nice & high!!!

    Up North gal

  3. The bread looks great!! I think you should try the cinnamon swirl bread next :) And also, is there a way to block Answerman's comments? He seems a little, hmmm, pompous.

  4. That stuff looks INCREDIBLE! I suppose World domination is next on the agenda?