Thursday, March 19, 2009


I have been away so long I had to look up my password to make a new post! We have spent the last week tending to family medical needs and I have just now had the chance to sit down for a minute and give an update on my class. I had to miss last week's class due to the aforementioned family stuff, but I am now back on track. We were to bring iced cupcakes tonight along with a batch of buttercream. The instructor began by showing us the shell and then went on to show us star flowers, swirl flowers, dots, figure piping (a creepy clown), and finally the rose. I was not looking forward to the rose as the instructions in the book were very involved, but it was soooo much easier than I thought it would be. Although I could have scared you all by posting a photo of said clown, I thought I would share the rose instead. You will notice how it looks incredibly smooshed...that's what you get for trying to carry 25 things into the house at once. Nonetheless, I am happy with the first attempt and will have lots more practice since our final cake next week includes a spray of roses.

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  1. I'm impressed with the rose and look forward to an icing lesson!!! So happy that you are back to posting and that the medical situation is looking good!