Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

We love any excuse to eat Mexican food, so we figured that Cinco de Mayo would be a great day to pull out our favorite fish taco recipe. We were going to use tilapia, but settled on cod since the store didn't have any available. Matt took care of marinating the fish and I went to work on the chipotle lime cilantro sauce. Neither one of us measured a thing, and I frankly don't remember if they were even the same ingredients we used last time, but these babies were tasty. It doesn't hurt that our local farmer market had lots of the ingredients on sale, either!

Before we started on dinner, I was finishing up a little project for a friend who just announce she was pregnant. I have been wanting to use the sugar cookie recipe from Ashlee, and now was my chance. They were delicious and are now my go-to recipe when I need to make iced sugar cookies. I used a simple royal icing and although it was not the Wilton one I have previously used, the results were great and I think I liked the taste better.


  1. And a belated Happy Cinco de Mayo to the two of you! So glad to see a post from Coco!!!

    I have never had the fish tacos but must say they look really good!

    The expectant mother will be absolutely thrilled with the array of decorated cookies! I am in need of a decorating lesson for decorating with royal icing! They are just beautiful!

    Love to Mac and Coco!

  2. As long as the fish taco's have a soft shell, count me in!

    The decorated buggy and onsie sugar cookies look beautiful...wish I could enjoy one right now!


  3. I wish you had a delivery service.....the tacos and the cookies look delish!! And hey, who's preggers?!?!?

    Cha Flay

  4. Cha,
    Thanks! It is the other K teacher, but it could be you next, no??