Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sooo Meaty!

Knees weak...vision blurred...concentration disrupted. No, I'm not swooning over my poster of Captain Jack Sparrow, I just devoured Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich, courtesy of The Pioneer Woman. I have honestly never had a sandwich quite like it. From the buttery bun to the perfectly seasoned meat and onion concoction, this recipe is to sandwiches what Stevie Ray Vaughn is to guitar lovers. Seriously...if you do one thing for the meat loving man in your life, make him this sandwich! He will fall to his knees and sing your praises, or at least do the dishes for you:)


  1. Okay, so am I guaranteed that the answerman will fall to his knees? Doing the dishes would consist of him putting the dirties in the dishwasher and that doesn't happen all that often. All kidding aside, he is my little gem and I love him to pieces. The sandwich looks really good with all those nice caramely onions (new word). The picture is very nice!

  2. We will definitely be giving this one a try. I had seen it on Pioneer Woman's site, but your post makes me think that Tyler would really enjoy this. And who doesn't like caramelized onions?!