Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chicken For Dinner, Baby

I have been meaning to get this post up for about two weeks, so here goes.
After hatching a plan with my good friend Timm, we decided to get together at least once a month to tackle a dish that in some way we were reluctant to make on our own. The first installment happened to be the French classic Coq Au Vin. We were guided in our journey by hottie chef Eric Ripert and his cozy winter dinner menu. We loosely followed his interpretation and rather than serving it with egg noodles, we made an updated version of the aforementioned No-Knead Bread. Let me just say that it was a home run. We paired the dish with a beautiful salad of baby greens topped with a meyer lemon-based viniagrette, goat cheese, and pears. We were really ambitious at the beginning of the day and were going to throw together a chocolate souffle, but laziness and a lack of semi-sweet chocolate took over and we ended up making a Dorie Greenspan version of blondies. It wasn't exactly frenchy, but they were tasty.
A note on the coq au vin: if you decide to give this a try, we suggest that you add the breasts to the dutch oven after the dark meat cuts, because the breasts were slightly overcooked. Oh, and for those of you who were former Buddy Rhubarb fans, Bubba is out of retirement!!! I don't know if it was the rooster, the Dr. Love blaring from the amps, or the fine atmosphere of the Pompeii Bar, but I am still waiting for an encore. Maybe next time Faith will be on the mic??


  1. The above dishes look good and wish I could have devoured some...sure beats Lean Cousine.

  2. Coq au vin looks good as do the blondies but it is the beautiful salad that is teasing my tastebuds! The singer looks comfortable at the mic!

    I love you both (& Stella, too),

  3. Seems to me you should cook American food until you have it all perfected instead of trying foreign dishes because they sound cool. It does look good.
    The Answerman

  4. Have you ever used white wine with the coq au vin? Not a big fan of reds. Just wondering if it would be okay to use a white or a sparkling wine like champagne?